Research and Reports

This page is dedicated to the research and reports done in the field of mediumship by the Australian Academy of Spirit members.


If you would like to contribute to this page email us a PDF of your report and we will upload it to the relevant section.

Mental Mediumship

Trance and altered states

Physical Mediumship

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We at the Australian Academy of Spirit are strong supporters of the newly launched TRUTH campaign by the Psychic News UK

In the recent AAS magazine article ‘No Dark Seances’ you will read of an account of a fraudulent séance conducted in total darkness experienced in 2014 by members of the AAS.  As a result of this and our connections with other ethical centres around the world cameras have been installed and caught fraudulent action in séances on film.  This can be viewed here  these videos are of a séance conducted at the Banyan Retreat in the UK by a ‘Physical Medium’ Garry Manion.  Our own experience with Mr Manion was two years prior to this event.

Click on each link for reports on the following séances conducted by the following Physical Mediums and experienced by members of the Australian Academy of Spirit.

  • Garry Manion
  • David Thompson
  • Chris Howarth