AAS philosophy

If you are interested in joining the Australian Academy of Spirit we advise that you read a little about our philosophy to see if you are in alignment with our beliefs and understanding.


      • PROTECTION:   There is nothing in the world of spirit that you need to ‘protect’ yourself from, the world of spirit is a loving, enlightened and intelligent place.

        We do however believe that the living can sometimes carry a negativity that you may find unsettling and via whatever means you wish to use guard yourself from absorbing this.  We also believe that residual energy from the living can be left behind in places where certain instances have taken place.  This energy can become over time quite palpable.  Thus with more living attending these places and adding to the negative or fearful energy there it can have a feeling about it.  This is once again built up from the energy of the living and you may wish to guard yourself from absorbing the energy in these places.

      • ATTACK:   We do not believe that you can get attacked from anyone within the world of spirit and have here a short clip on ‘sleep paralysis’ that may answer your questions on the brain phenomena that is commonly mistaken for ‘Psychic Attack’ or an attack from the spirit world.

        However it is possible for the living once again to direct so much negative energy and thoughts to a person that if they are open and clairsentient they can feel the impact of this.  Once again this is of the living not of the world of spirit.

  • SPIRIT RESCUE;   We do not believe in the need to ‘rescue spirits’ or ‘send them to the light’ or that a spirit  person can become ‘bound to the earth’  if their spirit is within the Spirit World.  Those within the world of spirit do not become trapped anywhere here on the earth plane.

    Those in the spirit world do however have the ability to communicate with a medium, wherever that medium is and whenever that medium has opened to connect to the other world.  So therefore, it is the mediums belief that to enter a house and communicate with a spirit person that this person must be ‘stuck’ there.

    There are some factors to this belief, perhaps there is a basis of religious up bringing that brings into the thought structure of the medium that there is in fact a heaven/hell/purgatory.  We have however, moved beyond this and now understand that we are spirit incarnate within the physical body, or spirit discarnate form the physical body and within the world of spirit.

    Once you leave this body you are in the world of spirit, there is no path to take, there are no tests to pass etc.  In our belief it is surprising that with all the intelligent and loving guides, loved ones, inspirers and helpers in the spirit world that once a person passes into their world that they would leave them in a space of being trapped or confusion requiring a human here on earth to become the champion to their rescue.  If so, how do they select such an incredibly important person here on earth to rescue them and send they to a place they are already in? 

  • HOUSE CLEARING;  It is however possible to clear a house of residual negative energy and leave it feeling much lighter and brighter after you have left.

    But did you really ‘rescue’ someone who is already in the spirit world?   Or did you just clear the environment of the negative energy and fear that had built up there from such beliefs?

  • EVIDENCE:  We are also of the belief that to communicate with those in the other world that ‘evidence’ is a crucial factor.

    We do not pass on vague messages from Guides, Angels, Fairy’s, Ascended Masters  etc. upon which no evidence is verifiable by the sitter.  In our mediumship connections there is a degree of evidence of the souls survival that must be presented.

    The calibre of such evidence is dependant upon each individual mediums ability and training.

  • RESPECT:  We believe in total respect for both the field of mediumship and those in the other world who communicate with us.  We do not refer to them as ‘father/mother type energies’ but we refer to them and communicate with them at all time with utmost respect.  We acknowledge them with respect, as the people they are, people that lived full and varied lives and people that now continue to ‘live’ on in the other world.  We acknowledge them as the Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Children friends and family members that they are.

  • HAUNTINGS:  It is our philosophy that hauntings are actually an imprint of residual energy much like an energetic memory left in a particular place, not an actual intelligent person from the spirit world choosing to walk the corridors of an old hotel at precisely 10pm each night.