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AAS_logo design_FINALSample copy Goldsample copy silverSample copy bronzeWelcome to the AAS once you join us we will send you out all the paperwork.  Fill in this as best you can and we will send back all your logos and awards.

Membership runs from the date you join.

You get unlimited access to free membership content plus a host of other benefits.

Australian Academy of Spirit membership entitles you to specific advantages such as:

  •  Support and promotion on the web site.
  • You will have the opportunity to spend time in retreat at the facilities in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.
  • You will regularly get newsletters giving members early notification of exciting training events or international tutors visiting the AAS.
  • Guidance and assistance and study groups arranged for those undergoing the SNU certification process.
  • Free repeat training with any course you have previously undergone at the home of AAS Universal Cottage conducted by Debbie B-Mewes.
  • The opportunity to get your insurance via AAS insurance policy.
  • Badges and logos able to by used in conjunction with your name .
  • $50 off all training hosted by the Australian Academy of Spirit including training with the overseas tutors.
  • The opportunity to be promoted by our ‘Monthly Medium’ promotion on Facebook and in newsletters.
  • $200 off the 2017 Uluru Mediumship Symposium.
  • Discounted advertising in ‘The Professional Medium’ magazine
  • ‘Monthly Mediums’ get free advertising in ‘The Professional Medium’ magazine.

Price: $97 per year

Please read here the AAS philosophy to see if you align with it.


  Three year membership $280.00


  Two year membership $190.00


  One year membership $97.00