AAS Membership

Austalian Academy of Spirit


Gold member certificate  click to view a sample of the membership certificate


Australian Academy of Spirit membership entitles you to specific advantages such as:

  •  Support and promotion on the web site as recommended mediums who has undergone specific training with the academy or the affiliated training providers across Australia. Honorary, Gold and Silver members only.
  • You will have the opportunity to spend time in retreat at the facilities in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland either while attending a training held there or at other times that you may feel the need to retreat to a spiritual space to rest and recuperate.  Accommodation at Universal Cottage Spiritual Sanctuary will only be available to members of the Australian Academy of Spirit.
  • You will regularly get newsletters giving members early notification of exciting training events or international tutors visiting the AAS, members will be notified before the general public to make sure they have the opportunity to secure a place in the training before it goes public.
  • Guidance and assistance and study groups arranged for those undergoing the SNU certification process.
  • Free repeat training with any course you have previously undergone at the home of AAS Universal Cottage conducted by Debbie B-Mewes. Limited to 3 repeat students per course.
  • The opportunity to gain your insurance under the AAS insurance policy or help and guidance with your professional insurance requirements.
  • Badges and logos able to be used in conjunction with your name on your correspondence or web site for Bronze, Gold, Silver and Honorary members.
  • $50 off all training hosted by the Australian Academy of Spirit including training with the overseas tutors.
  • $200 off the annual Uluru Mediumship Symposium.
  • The opportunity to be promoted by our ‘Monthly Medium’ promotion on Facebook and in newsletters. Honorary, Gold and Silver members only.
  • Discounted advertising in ‘The Professional Medium’ magazine
  • ‘Monthly Mediums’ get free advertising in ‘The Professional Medium’ magazine.

Membership Applications

To receive your membership application email us at academyofspirit@optusnet.com.au and we will send out the forms.  Once you register we will be notified and we will email you all the applicable forms.  When filling out your forms please add all the experience, training, achievements you can.  If you need add an extra page and email it back.  The different levels of membership will be awarded based on a point system.  This being the fairest and most accurate way of determining the levels.  Points are awarded on courses, life experiences, achievements etc. that add to your Mediumship and spiritual experience such as:

  • having been raised in a spiritualist family
  • you will be awarded points for every year you have been working in a professional capacity (full time)
  • If you have undertaken any SNU certificates
  • If you have been Mentored and by whom
  • If you have attended any of the Academy training courses
  • If you have attended any training by tutors from the AFC here or Overseas.
  • If you have attended any other training
  • If you can provide video evidence of your demonstrations etc.
  • If you can provide testimonials of your work.

Membership is open to ALL developing mediums regardless of your training or experience,  each year you can submit your courses attended and achievements and get a review.  You have the ability as you develop you can move up the levels of membership to the Gold and Silver and be placed on the site as a recommended medium.


Honorary Members

Those that have completed extensive training and shown a dedication & commitment to the values and ethics of the spiritual field.  Those that have worked within the industry to a high standard and therefore have been recognized for their work.  Those that have shown commitment to study and dedication for years prior to the commencement of the AAS.  Honorary membership is by invitation or application.

Gold Members

Those that have completed extensive training either working through the programs here at the AAS conducted by Debbie B-Mewes or elsewhere at a similar level by our recognized trainers across Australia or Overseas.  Those that have proven their work to be of a high standard and their ethics & dedication to be true to the values of AAS.  Also anyone currently undergoing or anyone that has completed their certification process through the ISNU or SNU. Or someone with over 10 years working at a professional level.

Silver Members

Those that have been working in the Mediumship and Psychic field for over 10 years and have undergone some formal training with recognized tutors or Debbie B-Mewes.   Also those that can provide evidence of their work ie: videos of dems, testimonials etc so support their level of experience.

Bronze Members

Open to all wishing to train in the field of Mediumship or the Psychic arts.  Or to any wishing to receive the benefits open to them within the AAS.  Those that are just starting out, & have an interest in developing their ability or those that have completed some training either the programs or mentoring here at the AAS and Universal Cottage, conducted by Debbie B-Mewes or elsewhere at a similar level by our recognized trainers across Australia or Overseas.

Membership runs for 1 year from the date of joining.

Membership fees are $97 for all levels excluding Honorary members, once you reach this level you are exempt from any fees.

Join Us!

  1 year membership  $97.00
  2 year membership  $190.00
  3 year membership  $280.00

We will send you the AAS forms to allocate your specific level once you have registered.  Once you have paid your membership download the forms below and send them into us via email.  academyofspirit@optusnet.com.au

Application form

Code of Conduct

Questionaire:  The questionnaire is to determine your thoughts and belief’s on certain aspects to see that they are in-line with the philosophy of the AAS.